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    Before I became a quilter, I fell in love with antique doll quilts with their childlike charm and naïve stitches. Doll quilts made long ago inspired me with their simplicity and primitive scrap look. I'd been making things with fabric and playing around with color since I was a child, but didn’t begin my quilting journey until 2000. Designing quilts became a great way of expressing that early creative impulse. After working in the publishing industry for many years, I made a decision to work at home while my kids were young and soon combined my interest in quilting and writing to begin a new career writing quilt-pattern books for Martingale (That Patchwork Place).

    My first book - American Doll Quilts - was published in 2004 and I've gone on to write six more quilt pattern books since then. (Schoolgirl Sampler is my latest book.) 
    I love combining a little bit of history with quilts that are made from traditional quilting patterns. Beginning as well as experienced quilters enjoy learning what quilting was like in the past and making a connection to women who lived long ago through some of the historical info and stories I include in my books. I've been working on a Dear Jane quilt for the pst 14 years! 
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    Here's a link to my blog about my visit to see the Dear Jane quilt.




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