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Love making small quilts? Join the Club!

Papa's Shirts & Mama's Dresses Doll Quilt Club

Years ago, doll quilts made for and by children were often sewn from leftover scraps of Mama's dresses and Papa's old shirts. Purchase a membership in my doll quilt club and you'll receive one pattern per month for 5 months (January through May 2017) for some delightful little quilts to make from your scrap basket. NOTE: These are the same patterns from the club I ran last summer and fall - just re-running the club again to give those of you who did not join another chance to get the patterns before I retire them.


When you sign up to become a member of the club, every month, for five months (January through May 2017), you'll receive a pattern "booklet" for a simple little doll quilt. The quilts will have an old-fashioned look like doll quilts from long ago that we love so much. The full-color booklets will include photos, pattern instructions, tips and other little interesting tidbits. (NOTE: Patterns will not be sold individually. You must join the club to get all five. And, YES, these are the same quilts from the club that ran last summer and fall. Just giving you another chance to join if you missed it. So, if you were in that club, no point in joining again.) 

NOTE:  Pattern #1 will ship during January 2017. The other patterns will ship monthly through May 2017. You may jump in and join the club at any time. If you order the club during January, your first pattern will ship in January. However, if you join the club after January, you will still receive all 5 patterns but, depending upon the month you join, your patterns will arrive together. (For instance, if you join in Feb, you will receive pattern 1 from January along with pattern 2, which ships in Feb. If you join in March, you will receive patterns 1, 2 and 3 in March, etc. until the club ends in May.)

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